Fair stand application services are the application periods after stand designs completed. After the technical drawings, choosing a material, application to accordingly with fair stand specifications montage are part of the course. It is important for a fair stand design to make it look good and attract most of the visitors. The design must be set in application in the right way to make the idea more reliable. If it is done systematically and with discipline only then you can get the best outcome.

Wooden and modular stand applications are the most popular ones and highly chosen one too. To be more effective in fair stands it is highly important to be cautious and make the best design. Modular fair stands assembly and disassembly can be easy, and application takes less time. Another good advantage of modular stands is the lower cost. Unique stands are for the firm to represent their identity in the best way with details. It can contain wooden elements and other parts to make it more attractive. In fair stand applications it can differ according to brands, products, and fields. That is why we must get in touch often to understand the brands needs

In fair stand application processes assembly and disassembly are one of the most important factors in the field. It must be packed in the right way and after the transportation assembling it must be done by professionals. Compatible with fair areas technical structure the assembly can be done right. For a successful assembly preparation should be managed in the right way. The usage of the right materials are important factors with quality working. Every step must be taken according to the manual. That is why fair stand application services must deal with discipline and must be delivered in the promised time limit.

We are perfectly aware of the importance of marketing and showroom materials must be held in an office and fair stands must be assembled in the right way. In firms that are in the trade show stand field we are the first company that has over fifteen years of experience. We design your dreams, plan it right, and apply it with discipline. As HES Design we first choose the right materials for your design, with those chosen materials we make sure your stand is assembling in the right way working with a professional team. Our professional team both have experience in Turkey and all around the world, and complete the assembly process in time. Making the stands accordingly with the fair’s specifications, with our experienced team we manage the fair duration without issues.