Importance Given to Technology and Automation by Turkish Manufacturers and Brands

Turkey is increasing its export volume every passing year and the importance given to technology and automation by Turkish manufacturers and brands is increasing in parallel. Studies for high technology and high value-added domestic and national production continue together with the National Technology Movement vision supported by the government.

The importance of automation systems in manufacturing has been very important since the industrial revolution. In this sense, meeting the ever-increasing production capacity and increasing the business volume in all markets in the global world market are provided and regulated by automation systems.

These systems are dominant in many industries from health to nutrition and they replace human power and effort with human-controlled machine power in production. Manufacturers and brands that keep up with the latest trends enjoy great success and financial gains in this sense.

Without a doubt, the Turkish government’s strict and well-planned incentives are working fine. The government is supporting and encouraging all the manufacturers and brands to invest in their technologies and automation systems. For this reason, nationwide training and education are provided. However, another great success of the government is not only educating the manufacturers in the country but also providing opportunities for export and networking.

In this respect, some of the notable trade shows in the world take place in Turkey and the government is still working hard to attract more international fairs. All these efforts became fruitful and today, Turkey is home to numerous fairs that attract industry professionals from every part of the world. In the following sections, we are going to share some of these fairs that you might want to know more about.

Important Automation and Technology Exhibitions in Turkey

Here are two important Turkey fairs in that you can participate or exhibit your products or brands for networking. Both events are the leading fairs in the country, where you can network with numerous Turkish companies easily.

FOTEG Istanbul

FOTEG Istanbul will be held in Istanbul Fair Center – IFM Istanbul between 9-11 June 2022 by HKF Fairs Inc. FOTEG ISTANBUL Food Processing Technologies International Specialization Fair is held every two years and it is the most important meeting point for food processing equipment suppliers, food production sector representatives and senior managers.

In addition to this, it offers a significantly important opportunity for industry professionals to follow the latest trends in the industry with exhibitors and visitors from various countries of the world. You can visit the official website of the trade shows to register as an exhibitor or participant.

Win Eurasia

Win Eurasia will be held in the TUYAP-Istanbul congress center between 8-11 June 2022. The organizer of the event is Hannover Fairs Turkey Fairs Inc. The fair offers a unique opportunity for its exhibitors and visitors to enjoy every aspect of the manufacturing industry.

This is another important fair that helps to meet all the eco-system needed for the factories of the future. Some of the notable industries in the event include hydraulic and pneumatic services, in-plant logistics, electrical and electronic equipment, automation services, metal forming technology, and sheet metal processing.

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