Follow All the Developments in the Automotive Industry at Automechanika Exhibition

In the business world, which is rapidly globalizing, the automotive industry enjoys constant and rapid change. It gained immersive importance especially in recent years with the development of electric and hybrid vehicles.

We would like to note that the automotive industry accounts for almost five percent of the world economy. Another important aspect of this industry is it significantly contributes to trade with abundant numbers of industries to which it is related. 

As a buyer, the automotive industry is closely related to industries such as iron-steel, petrol-chemistry, glass, plastic, textile, and electronics. Moreover, it is also directly or indirectly related to industries such as agriculture, tourism, defense, transportation, infrastructure, and construction.

The industry has strategic importance for the main and sub-industry and especially for economically developed and developing countries in the intensely competitive environment. Thus, its importance continuously grows for corporations and countries.

In this respect, Automechanika Messe Frankfurt stands out by bringing professionals from all around the world as an organizer. In the following sections, you can learn more about the Automechanika trade show and one of its important events in the world.

What Is Automechanika?

Automechanika is an industry-leading brand, which was founded in Frankfurt in 1971, and solely focuses on the automotive and automotive aftermarket industry. The brand holds various fairs all around the world mostly with the same name. The exhibition holds events on four continents and 20 cities. Any professional in the automotive industry is familiar with these automotive industry trade shows and they are a great meeting point for networking.

Besides networking, Automechanika trade shows are a great source to follow the developments in the industry. One of the leading Automechanika fairs in the world takes place in Istanbul and it attracts visitors from every part of the world.

Automechanika Istanbul Trade Show

The last Automechanika Istanbul fair was held in November 2021 and it attracted 652 exhibitors and more than 32,000 visitors. In addition to this, the exhibition was broadcast live on the Automechanika Istanbul Plus Digital platform. This live event attracted more than 27,000 viewers during the fair and has great importance for export opportunities for many brands.

The trade show is famous for meeting automotive industry professionals from 121 countries. Besides its amazing contribution to the Turkish automotive industry, it also creates an important trade platform for the neighboring countries.

It is worth noting that Automechanika Istanbul is also supported by the Turkish Ministry of Trade as well as other industry-leading unions, associations, and institutions. 

Automechanika Istanbul Fair 2022

Automechanika Istanbul Fair, which is one of the most noteworthy automotive fairs in the world, will also be held in 2022. It is worth noting that the Automechanika Istanbul Fair is the only Automechanika event in Turkey and it will be held at Istanbul TUYAP Fair and Congress Center between 2-5 June 2022.

As you can visit TUYAP-Istanbul, you can also sign up for the online event. If you would like to attend the online event, you need to contact the brand through their official website and book your place.

As HES Design, we offer 360-degree service in order to get the most efficient results in Authomechanika and other fairs. In addition to industrial and architectural design, we also have expertise in the assembly and disassembly processes of exhibition stands, logistics and warehousing.

You can get the best fair service from us through our offices in Turkey and Germany, with our solution partners in many countries of the world.

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