We never looked fair organization as a stand making and marketing. Our aim is to create functional projects which can be used at international fairs. Also providing to develop this field in Turkey.

HES Design is professional in field of projects for place designs, project organizations, exhibition stands, project applying, architectural decoration and project management. In Turkey, Germany, and many countries in the world we makes high quality project for fairs and design for leading brands.

More than 15 years in we gave our best work in Turkey and other countries.

We have made successful projects to make our brands happy. We worked very hard to be here and give our best work. We build production facilities in Germany and extend our network.

In our project we do not approach as brief- production but we make our work systematically. HES Design Project group aims for the best.

We design projects that excite our brands then we create them. From storage to shipment, application montage to disassembly, we are with our brands in every step to give our best work.

Our primary goal in project period to give high quality brand satisfaction. In rough and stressful exhibition process, we aim to lighten our brands organization, by finding solutions in every way possible. For years we have worked with hundreds of brands.

The experience of working abroad is gained us good sights. Our biggest dream as HES Design to give projects and ideas to whole world. In every project we signed we are getting closer to this dream.

HES Design in Press

“Fair organization sector should develop for more exports”

Stating that Turkish companies are treated unfairly in big fairs abroad, HES Design CEO Ersin Erdoğan said, “Our current account deficit increased by 561 million dollars in January and was calculated as 2 billion 762 million dollars. This rate may increase further.

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“There is a double standard at fairs for Turkish companies”

Large-scale fairs held abroad are of great importance in terms of reaching Turkey’s 2023 export target. However, sector representatives and fair participants think that Turks are treated unfairly in international fairs.

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“HES Design predicts 23 percent growth in business volume this year”

HES Design, which provides consultancy services in architectural and project processes as well as wooden stand production within the scope of domestic and international fairs, also offers turnkey solutions to its project partners.

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